The first step is to have an account, you need to register into the platform to start using the tools.


Go to the registration page and complete the form, once is done you can log in with the credentials, an email will be sent to the given email address to validate your address.

Registration Form

Create an Organization

We have built the platform in that way so it’s easy for a user to join or leave an Organization without destroying any of the job done for that given organization. So if a user works for the company Globex for some time and now gets a new job in Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net the user can leave Globex, join to the new company and Globex won’t lose the work done.

The first thing that you need to do once you are into the platform is to create an organization. All the objects that you can create inside of the platform belong to the organization, not to your personal account.

After your first login, the platform will ask you for an Organization Name to be created. Follow the modal and create the organization.

Click in the Ok button to continue
Add organization form, Add a name and click save.

After of the organization creation you can go to the home clicking in the Data Providers logo in the header.

As you can see in the dropdown on top we have now selected your new organization, this means that any new object will be part of that selected organization. If you have multiple organization you can switch between them using this dropdown.

Starting with an Invitation

Another way to get started is to be invited to an organization, the organization owner will invite you and create an account for you, you’ll receive an email with a link to complete the registration. Once the registration is completed you can see all the organization objects and start playing.

The setup wizard

After the login, in the home, you can see a step by step wizard that will help you to setup your organization.

Home page, new organization is selected in the top navigation. Setup checklist will help you with the on-boarding.

The idea is to

  • Have at least one connection to a database
  • Write a lest one query
  • Create at lest one visualization
  • Create your first report

Doing all that you can say that you master Data Providers. Every time you achieve one of the steps the red item will change to green, green means that the step is done.

The workflow

The primary workflow of Data Providers is

  • Create Connections
  • Create Queries to pull data from the connections
  • Create Visualizations that are connected to queries to represent the query data
  • Create a Report to show multiple visualizations all at once
  • Share or Embedded your Report or Visualization.

As you can see there is a implicit relationship between the objects.

Organization -> Connections -> Queries -> Visualizations -> Reports

This documentation will help you to understand each one of this objects.