What is Data Providers ?

Is a platform that provides cloud data tools to manage, process, analyze, visualize and share information.


You must connect to a data source to get data, you can use RDBMS like MySQL or others sources like CSV, XML, JSON, No-SQL databases among others.


You must prepare and process your data in order to get the information that you want. Using SQL and/or Python.


Once you get your information you must visualize it, we have several tools to visualize and to organize visualizations into Dashboards


Finally you share with your coworkers your dashboards and visualization so you can take decisions in group


Data Providers is a product born from developers that spot the need for better tools to generate reports quickly and easily ?, without expensive budgets ?, without weird science ?, without any mystery ?. Just with basic programming knowledge and this tool you’ll be able to create the most awesome dashboards and share it with your coworker in a matter of minutes.