NOTE : We don’t have a stable release, so for now all the accounts are free and without limits of use, for now we want to receive user feedback and experiences to improve our product. We will start charging after our first stable release.

Cloud based

If you want to start using it right now without any other setup the best option is to use our SAAS platform.

We charge you for each organization, each plan for each organization have their own limits based on the amount of required objects.

What is an object?, an object is anything created in the platform, such as Query, Script, Visualization or Reports excepts for users, organizations and connections.

In order to use these options your data sources must be visible from our servers, if your servers are into a private network you need to see our Self Hosted alternative.

These are our plans

As you go
? ConnectionsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
?‍? Users144080
? Objects201001200
Monthly PriceFreeu$d 50u$d 500u$d 1000u$d 0.80 /object
u$d 20 /user
Yearly PriceFreeu$d 550u$d 5500u$d 11000

You can have up to five organizations in the free level.

All the plans have the same features, the prices only affect the number of objects.

You are free to add all the connections you want.

A connection in a free organization can be used only once, can’t be reused on other organizations, for paid accounts you can reuse the connections.

All paid plans include full-time support based on Email and 10hs of on-call support based on a schedule. The free level has community support only.

For consultations contact us.

Self Hosted

If you work in a self contained network and don’t want or can’t expose your data to the cloud you can have Data Providers running in your own environment.

We provide appliances to be installed on your networks, the appliance includes

  • All features of the Cloud version
  • Project analysis and support
  • Installation Support
  • Regular updates
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 20 hs of on call support

Contact our sales team to get more info.