We are very proud to announce the initial release of Data Providers. The main goal of this release is to get feedback from real users in order to validate our product and our ideas. We are expecting to see something like this

Startup on the Ring

In any case we are ready for the hits and to make the product better!. We are trying to figure out which features are the most valuable for our customers and what needs to be built in the upcoming sprints to provide useful features.

You know what people usually say: if you don’t release soon it’s going to be late. There was plenty of features that we wanted to include in this release but we have decided to go with what we have and see first what you (our customer) think. With your input we will prioritize the upcoming work.

This release is not super stable but we consider the product “stable enough” and ready to be used for external users. We have a few Dashboards setup for a couple of our customers and we are not having big issues so far.

The “most awesome feature” of this release is that we haven’t implemented the subscriptions payment feature yet, so all the current accounts are free and unlimited to use: this is your chance to play around and see if a tool like this can help you in your work every day.

We will publish our roadmap and releases in this Trello board


We are planning to release new features every twp weeks, so stay tuned for updates and please, don’t be afraid to send us a feature request to [email protected], we will be happy to hear a request from our customers and build things that are useful for you and your team.

If you find any bug also, please, send us feedback to [email protected], we will try to solve them ASAP.

Happy Hacking!

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Agustin Casiva

Engineer, Developer, Entrepreneur, CTO of Data Providers.


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