Hi everybody and Welcome, I’m Agustin Casiva, one of the founder of Data Providers.

We have started this project several months ago with the idea to have a tool to ship dashboards very fasts without the need to be adding more code to our projects and trying to make it easier for junior developers, or even to managers, to build dashboards without the need of expensive resources from the dev team.

What leads us to get this idea was several questions related with development, companies and their need of information.

The boom of the Big Data world and all the Data something professions give us a hint that there is an actually a need for this kind of tools, are they good? can they be improved?

Since the old times when we were doing development in Visual Basic 6 using Cristal Reports there was a need to get reports, to get information, insights or whatever you want to call it, something real and solid to backup the management decisions. What do we have today in the internet world to achive good dashboards?

The management staff needs information all the time, and when they need it they need it now! The funny fact is that information that can be useful today it might be not important tomorrow, maybe never again. It’s worth to add this kind of features to the code base?

Usually, over custom developments, the company needs to ask the development team to build a report, run a query, or export some data to be analyzed and as we know, our devs are busy all the time, and our devs resources are expensive. Ofter is very common to build a new section in our system to get the required report, but as we know that might be not used anymore, so again, why to do it into our core system?

If we have a closed product as core business it might be hard to get some customization to get external information and probably there won’t be any support to do our customizations. How can this companies get good information?

Mostly large companies have very expensive tools and dedicated staff to analize data and generate dashboard, reports or insights from large data warehouses, but what about the small business?

These are the kind of questions that lead us to build Data Providers, an integrated tool for the Cloud where you can retrieve, manipulate, visualize, and organize data without the need of huge development efforts.

oday we are releasing a very early release to validate our ideas and get some feedback from our customers. There are several ideas what we have in our Kanban boards to work in the upcoming months but first, we want to get some real feedback from people in real problems and try to focus in the other people needs in order to prioritize the upcoming work.

We invite you to start playing with Data Providers, give it a shot, see if it’s helpful for you and give us feedback.

Feel free to contact us at any time to [email protected], we want to hear from you and we hope to have you onboard in this jounery.

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Agustin Casiva

Engineer, Developer, Entrepreneur, CTO of Data Providers.


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